Art in Science – University of Copenhagen

Award Ceremony 2017

On the 24th of November this years award ceremony will be held. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

- Best picture + runner ups
- Nano
- Micro
- Mini
- Macro
- Mega
- Visualisations
- Scientific explanation
- Young ART-scientists
- Amateur
- Humoristic
- Culture Night Peoples Choice
- Facebook Peoples Choice

16:30 - Opening
17:00 - Ceremony
19:00 - End

The event will be held in front of and inside Auditorium 2 at the H. C. Ørsteds Institute, Universitetsvejen 5, 2100 Copenhagen. The awards will be issued inside Auditorium 2.

Once again we would like to thank our sponsors from the Lundbeck Foundation, the University of Copenhagen and Grafik & Foto to make this event possible.

What is artis?

Share your beautiful data. A science visualization contest.

Is your science beautiful? Now the University of Copenhagen faculty of SCIENCE invites you to combine art and science and to share your beautiful science visualizations.

Did your data points form a painting worthy of a Jackson Pollock?
Do your expedition images look like National Geographic's?
Does your crystallography resemble the cubist works of George Braque?

Is your instrument attractive, your laboratory animal charming or your sample gorgeous?

The ARTiS 2017 contest is closed, but information on the ARTiS 2018 contest will be posted here as soon as the details have been worked out!