ARTiS Young

For primary and high school students

Win the ARTiS Young Scientist Award 2018

ARTiS 2018 is opened to high school and young children as individual contributors or by team/class. Contributions from Young ART-Scientists will be judges as a separate category with a special prize designed for the winners. See below the Young ART-Scientists winners 2016. 

The ARTiS picture contest is a good opportunity to study and communicate about different scientific phenomena happening everywhere and at many different scales - from very small to very large. Investigating the elements of our environment are often surprising and scientists get beautiful data during their investigations.

Art is an excellent way to learn about science and many artistic compositions are found in scientific phenomena. We thus believe that the combination of art and science is a very rich and fun experience for all, including children, to learn about science and boost their creativity. 

Upload your pictures before July 31 here

Find inspiration in our catalogue of ideas at Pinterest here       Pinterest

ARTiS is organising a workshop for young audiences, where you can get help with your pictures, but also investigate the properties of fluorescent compounds, and the structure of materials at the nanoscale! Register here: ARTIS Kids Camp 2018 tilmelding.

Young ART-Scientists winners 2016 

As part of their prize, the ARTiS team was delighted to have the winners of the Young ART-Scientist award to spend a fun day in our lab!

The winners from "Den Dansk-Franske Skole" along with their classmates joined us in our labs to do some serious ART-Science using our state-of-the-art scientific equipment. 

We spend the whole Friday in our lab playing with green fluorescent protein, human cells, fluorescent bacteria and fancy microscopes!