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Upload your picture below to participate in the Artist 2019 contest. 

We encourage all the contributors to make a short video about their image(s), themselves, their research and/or their lab (2-3 minutes max). No more guidelines: be creative! There will be a prize for the best video presentation.

The Artist team reserves the right to edit the videos or ask you to modify the videos. Please send video to with title 'Artist-Video-YOURNAME'

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Provide a description of the scientific background for your submitted picture as a story that captures the interest of the reader, using a maximum of 150 words. Please consider the following in your description:

1. Use a plain language understandable for non-specialists, avoid abbreviations and scientific jargons.
2. Focus on the motif of the image, conveying what the audience is looking at.
3. Mention the scale e.g. meters, nanometers.
4. Include the technique employed to capture the image.
5. Describe how the photo relates to science or the research that led to the picture.
6. Your name and affiliations (institution).
Feel free to include details other than the ones mentioned above.
There is a prize for the best description as well, so do not hold back :)
The description should ideally cater to audiences having a scientific background and a non-scientific background.
Please provide the description in English and Danish, if possible.
Beskriv den videnskabelig baggrund for dit indsendte billede som en historie der fanger læserens interesse på højst 150 ord. Forsøg at tage hensyn til følgende i beskrivelsen:

1. Brug et simpelt sprog som er forståeligt for en ikke-specialist, undgå forkortelser og videnskabeligt slang.
2. Fokuser på motivet, beskriv hvad publikum ser på.
3. Nævn størrelsesordnen af motivet, fx meter, nanometer.
4. Inkluder teknikken som blev brugt til at tage billedet.
5. Beskriv relationen mellem billedet og videnskab eller forskningen som førte til billedet.
6. Dit navn og tilhørsforhold (organisation/institution)
Du er naturligvis velkommen til at inkludere flere detaljer end disse.
Der er en pris for den bedste videnskabelig forklaring, så hold dig ikke tilbage :)
Ideelt set skal beskrivelsen både appellere til et publikum med en videnskabelig baggrund og med en ikke-videnskabelig baggrund.
Indsend beskrivelsen på både dansk og engelsk, hvis muligt.
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G protein-coupled receptor topic *
This year we have an additional prize for the best picture related to the topic of “G protein-coupled receptors”.
Does your picture fit in this topic?
Are you Young ART-Scientists (Student Competitors below university level) ? *
Gennemse By submitting this entry, you certify that you have the right to submit the image described above, and that the image is wholly original and that no other person or entity has any rights to it. You grant to The University of Copenhagen a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive right to use, copy, display, republish and reprint this image on its Websites and brochures, and any other of their respective materials or media, with proper attribution. This does not constitute permission for the University of Copenhagen to distribute or sell the image to any third party or other publication.