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Upload your picture below to participate in the ARTiS contest. 

NEW for 2018:
We encourage all the contributors to make a short video about their image(s), themselves, their research and/or their lab (2-3 minutes max). No more guidelines: be creative! There will be a prize for the best video presentation.

The ARTiS team reserves the right to edit the videos or ask you to modify the videos. Please send video to jonathan.quinson@chem.ku.dk with title 'ARTiS-Video-YOURNAME'

Write the title of your picture

Write the scientific explanation for your picture with at max 150 words answering:

1. What is the motif of the image, what is the audience looking at?
2. What is the scale; meters, nanometers?
3. What technique was used to take the image?
4. How is it related to science. What was the research that lead to the picture?
5. Who are you, what is your name and from what institution are you from. You can provide the information in English and/or Danish (ideally both).
There is a prize also for the best scientific explanation so do not hold back :)

Choose your scale


By submitting this entry, you certify that you have the right to submit the image described above, and that the image is wholly original and that no other person or entity has any rights to it. You grant to The University of Copenhagen a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive right to use, copy, display, republish and reprint this image on its Websites and brochures, and any other of their respective materials or media, with proper attribution. This does not constitute permission for the University of Copenhagen to distribute or sell the image to any third party or other publication.

NB! Max 50 MB. The file is sent over an unencrypted connection and should therefore not contain sensitive personal information.

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