Picture Contest

Faculty of SCIENCE at University of Copenhagen is launching a photo contest from 1st February to June 2019. Deadline for submission is June 30th 2019.


You participate free of charge in the photo contest by uploading your images to the uploading template.

  • Anyone can upload pictures free of charge
  • Pictures have to be taken by the user
  • Every picture can be processed and modified before uploading. Feel free to briefly mention which modification you made (colour change, adding details, removing details, software used if relevant, etc….)
  • Max 5 pictures pr. user. Group entry welcome.
  • File format accepted is JPG, JPEG and PNG.
  • Every picture needs to be labeled with the name of the user, affiliation, title and a scientific explanation of the picture.
  • Pictures should be high resolution, if possible. Max 50 MB per picture.
  • Every picture needs to be labelled with the name of the user, affiliation, title and a scientific explanation of the picture (no more than 150 words for explanation).
  • Please indicate which category you wish your picture is competing for (see below)

A committee consisting of University of Copenhagen-profiles will choose the winning picture, but public “likes” on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ARTiS.CPH) during the contest will also be taken into account  - So do not hesitate, upload your picture now to show the public your vision of Art in Science.


Find your submittion in one of the following categories:

  • Nano: Less than ca. 100 nm (atoms, nanoparticles, molecules, etc.)
  • Micro: ca. 100 nm to ca. 100 um (micro-organisms, cells, etc.)
  • Mini: ca. 100 um - a few cm (micro-organisms, insects, worms, spores, instruments, micro-devices, etc.)
  • Macro: A few cm – ca. 100 m (instruments, field trips, landscapes, animals, etc.)
  • Mega: ca. 100 m - infinity (astronomy, stars, big objects on earth, etc.)
  • Visualisations: Data, concepts, equations, models, illustrations, etc.


Prizes will be awarded for:

Best Image (Best image, chosen from all submissions)
Young ART-Scientists prize (Student Competitors below university level)
Visualisations (Data, concepts, equations, models, illustrations, etc.)
Best Instrument (best image of a scientific instrument/device)
Best video presentation (Short video about the image(s), presentation of yourself, your research and/or lab (2-3 minutes max).)
Culture Night Visitors Choice (public vote on culture night)
Facebook Public Choice (most likes on facebook)
Best Image by category:

General Rules

The ARTiS committee reserved the right to move an image from one category to another if the committee thinks a different category is more appropriate. The committee reserves the right to cancel or to not award a prize if no pictures are considered to be suitable for the prize. The committee also reserves the right to withdraw a picture from the competition (see Terms and Conditions). Extra prizes may be allocated if the committee considers that a special input deserves to be awarded and if the related pictures do not fall into the previously listed categories.


When participating, University of Copenhagen has the right to contact the winner with the given personal information of the participant. It is expected that the user possesses full ownership and copyright of the uploaded material. Potential claim for damages against University of Copenhagen will be forwarded to the individual that may have violated 3rd party rights. University of Copenhagen can use the uploaded material for the current as well as any future ARTiS competitions. This includes ARTiS publicity, ARTiS exhibitions, and in general anything relating to ARTiS competitions.

Terms of conditions

The host has the right to manipulate and modify every uploaded picture for the purpose of optimized image processing. 

University of Copenhagen has the full authority to ban participants from the contest if there is suspicion about all forms of fraud. This also applies for pornographic, insulting, abusing, humiliating, incorrect and deceptive content that violates the copyright. Moreover, participants are not allowed to identify with false personal information. This photo contest is not associated, sponsored, supported or administrated by Facebook or Instagram.


Please feel free to contact artisucph@gmail.com with any kind of question about the photo contest.