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The ARTiS 2019 photo contest is open for submissions!

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ARTiS 2018 Award ceremony

The ARTiS Photo Contest 2018 has concluded with the award ceremony, and the winners have been announced. This year's best image was submitted by Kristian Jensen in the micro category and is titled "Protecting the pancreas". All the other winners and more detailed information can be found on the previous contests page.

The exhibition will remain at display in H.C. Ørsteds Institute until 1. of November.


Thank you so much to all the contributors and visitors to the ARTiS Culture Night event. It was a fantastic evening where we had the pleasure of welcoming exactly 2457 visitors. You can find impressions of the event on our social media accounts.


ARTiS: ART in Science is an outreach program from University of Copenhagen aiming at communicating science using art as a medium. Our activities comprise the organization of: a picture contest, picture exhibitions and workshops for children and students.

The team is seeking new volunteers for 2019. All the competences are very welcome. Taking part of this outreach program will be a relevant added value in your curriculum, both for its role in science communication but also for the experience you will gain in: project management, team work, problem solving, alternative teaching methods based on art, science and creativity, scientific writing to various audiences (children, lay people, other scientists) and how to build elevator pitches around scientific topics for various audiences (children, lay people, other scientists).

To join the team, please send us a mail to with “ARTiS 2019” in the subject.

Indicate us what is your current activity (student, PhD student, etc…) and tell us about your motivation to join us and indicate if you have some specific skills useful to ARTiS (eg graphic designer, web design, video-making, activities with children, photography, etc..). We will contact you shortly after receiving your mail.

K. Martinez, Head of ARTiS

What is artis?

Share your beautiful data. A science visualization contest.

Is your science beautiful? Now the University of Copenhagen faculty of SCIENCE invites you to combine art and science and to share your beautiful science visualizations.

Did your data points form a painting worthy of a Jackson Pollock?
Do your expedition images look like National Geographic's?
Does your crystallography resemble the cubist works of George Braque?

Is your instrument attractive, your laboratory animal charming or your sample gorgeous?

The ARTiS 2019 contest is now open for submissions. We are looking forward to the exhibition!

Rules for participation

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